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Innovation to Manage Risk & Compliance Across the APAC Region

Robin Lee

Independent Expert

I am an MBA professional with a variety of international experiences and a reputation for trusted relationships and outstanding execution. I believe in lifelong learning, enhancing customer experience and building great organizations. Born in the UK and having completed my degree in Math, Comp Sci & Management at Kings, I began my career in Silicon Valley where I also became a songwriter for Sony and was accepted into SCU’s MBA program. Full-time employee by day, part-time student at night, I was able to complete a 3 yr course in 2. I then transitioned to Wall St. where I was promoted 3 times. I then launched a start-up - The Governance Risk AML Compliance & Ethics Foundation (G.R.A.C.E.) where we developed some of the most innovative products in the industry and led to an acquisition by RHTLaw TaylorWessing, the 2nd largest law firm in SG. My current role is at Datarama, which provides a RegTech platform that determines risk/opportunity assessments of emerging markets.

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