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Innovation to Manage Risk & Compliance Across the APAC Region

Conference agenda - 22nd March 2017


Chair's Welcome
Dean Ward, Risk Sales Specialist Manager – Hong Kong & North Asia, Thomson Reuters

Keynote Interview: The Evolving Role of RegTech in APAC
  • Overcoming key inhibitors to the adoption of RegTech in APAC
  • How compliance and risk professionals, regulation and technology fit together
  • Why RegTech is harder to implement than FinTech
  • How differing attitudes to cloud technology impact RegTech entrepreneurs
  • How RegTech can enable banks to compete more effectively with non-banks
Benedicte Nolens, Senior Director & Head of Risk & Strategy, Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Lieven Debruyne, CEO, Asia Pacific, Schroders

Interviewed by
Julia Walker, Head of Market Development, Risk, Asia, Thomson Reuters

Panel: Regulatory Sandboxing & Harmonisation of Regulatory Regimes
  • How regulators can foster innovation in a secure environment to encourage the development of RegTech solutions
  • Harmonising regulatory regimes across Asia
  • Complying with the sanctions and money laundering regulations of local jurisdictions when doing cross-border transactions
  • How a sandbox can improve focus on the consumer through testing, vetting and positive feedback loops
  • How technology can enable regulators to do their jobs better, e.g. real-time data monitoring to indicate when a firm becomes systemically important
Janos Barberis, Founder, SuperCharger
Mark Austen, Chief Executive Officer, ASIFMA

Networking Break

Roundtable: Implementation & Roll-Out of RegTech Solutions
Join a lively discussion with fellow attendees. Network at small tables, and discuss how to ensure the success of future RegTech initiatives.
  • Identifying the key regulatory compliance pain points where RegTech can add most value
  • Cost-benefit analysis for different RegTech solutions
  • Finding the RegTech solutions that align with your regulatory obligations and current processes
  • Integrating RegTech solutions into your legacy systems, and into the internal compliance function
  • System overhaul vs. targeted effort on specific operations or desks
  • How quickly and cheaply RegTech solutions can be integrated, and what level of involvement is required from internal teams
Robin Lee, Independent Expert

Panel: Privacy & Data Protection
  • How attitudes to data protection across APAC impact the development of RegTech
  • How RegTech fits within your overall data strategy
  • Which RegTech solutions will ensure compliance with privacy and personal data protection regulations
  • How Europe’s GDPR is affecting firms in the APAC region
  • Using big data and data analytics to monitor risk
Micky Lo, Chief Information Risk Officer APAC, BNY Mellon
Gavin Leo-Rhynie, Head of Asia Pacific Technology, Goldman Sachs
Duncan Wong, Vice President, Financial Technologies, ASTRI
Florian-Alexandre Bielak, Technology Risk Management APAC Regional Lead, Blackrock
Ben Richmond, CEO, CUBE

Networking Lunch

Key Risks for the RegTech Industry from a Changing World
  • The end of cheap money - tougher times from a financing point of view, and how this impacts Reg Tech
  • The end of free capital movement - more fragmentation of business and parallel models co-existing in different geographies, and probably Reg Tech to fragment further: key take-aways for Asia
  • De-regulation coming to the banks’ rescue - more competition from the old dinosaurss
Alicia Herrero Garcia, Chief Economist - Asia Pacific, Natixis

Open Roundtable
Join an interactive discussion with fellow attendees about emerging technologies in the RegTech space. Network at small tables and participate in lively topical conversation, about the potential applications of these technologies within your firm.
  • Moving current-generation compliance to next-generation compliance - understanding how functions are set up today, and planning a roadmap for the future
  • Assessing use cases of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber defence technology and blockchain for regulatory compliance
  • How RegTech solutions are being developed, and how they align with firms’ business models
  • The security, functionality and reliability of current RegTech systems, and their flexibility to adapt as regulations change
Roundtable leaders:
Jeremiah Sadow, Vice President, Financial Crimes Analytics, Citi
Alokik Advani, Managing Director - Head of Principal Strategic Investments, APAC, Goldman Sachs
Raphael Bouzy, CEO, Datarama

RegTech Solution Showcase
The following quick-fire presentations will profile the best-in-class RegTech solutions for a variety of compliance issues, revealing:
  • What is possible with RegTech
  • Start-ups’ understanding of banks’ internal systems
  • Areas for improvement

Thought-Piece Talk: RegTech for Improved KYC
  • Deconstructing and simplifying end-to-end KYC
  • Different approaches necessary for individual KYC and corporate KYC
  • Necessary technology and process transformation
  • Opportunities for the future – big data, interoperability, other risk themes
Chee Kin Lam, Managing Director, Group Head of Legal, Compliance & Secretariat, DBS Bank

Relativity Analytics for Predictive Compliance
  • We are no longer in the age where companies have to sacrifice efficiency to assess Risk
  • Relativity Analytics allow you to analyze vast amounts of data by bringing priority data to the front and removing the noise of irrelevant data
  • Through machine learning and categorization, a compliance review of corporate data has been reduced to days instead of months, and subject matter experts in lieu of a team of attorneys

Networking Break

Information Compliance: Identifying and Managing the Gaps.
Ben Richmond, CEO, CUBE

Effectively Addressing Conduct Risk
  • Which RegTech tools are being developed to manage conduct risk
Kelly-Ann McHugh, Head of Regulatory Intelligence, Proposition, Asia-Pacific, Thomson Reuters

Thought-Piece Talk: Innovating the Regulatory Compliance Function
This free-flowing discussion will examine how regional regulators and market players can work towards a more harmonised regulatory framework in APAC
  • Promoting and applying innovation within a large corporation - lean start-up / agile working / design thinking
  • Identifying and collaborating with start-up RegTech firms - getting start-ups to an enterprise-ready state, and how this can drive forward developments in the sector
Bas Monster, Innovation Driver, ING (via live video link)

Overcoming Fragmentation Issues & Moving Towards a More Harmonised Regulatory Regime
This free-flowing discussion will examine how regional regulators and market players can work towards a more harmonised regulatory framework in APAC
  • How regional regulators and market players can work towards a more harmonised regulatory framework in APAC, and how this will facilitate the development of RegTech in the region
  • How technology can overcome some of the deficiencies of the current regulatory environment
Shu-pui Li, Executive Director, Financial Infrastructure Department, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Jeremiah Sadow, Vice President, Financial Crimes Analytics, Citi
MARK AUSTEN, Chief Executive Officer , ASIFMA

Chair's Summary & Close of Summit